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3 Simple Warning Signs to Identify Phony Psychics Who Just Want Your Money

A psychic reading can be very valuable for someone looking for answers, closure, or enlightenment. The use of psychics, however, has been ridiculed and has made people very skeptical. There are true psychics out there who will give you honesty and truth. Unfortunately, there is also the opposite. Some people pretend to be psychics to make a quick buck. They prey on the vulnerable and often make their clients feel worse and very confused.

Look out for these signs when you go to a psychic reading. They may be a warning sign that your psychic is a phony.

Knowing things about you. A proper psychic will know things about you that they couldn’t know if they don’t know you. This is part of the process. However, if the person starts telling you things about yourself before the session even started, it might be a warning sign. The person could have gotten the information on social media or from another reader, which means they are not legit.

Blanket statements. You may encounter some vague messages from your psychic, but there should be information that is directly and specifically related to you and your situation. Random blanket statements that can apply to your life but also anyone else’s may be a warning sign. Keep an open mind, but be aware if it really seems like nothing is specific to you.

Healing spells. Selling healing spells to clients is one of the biggest scams that phony psychics use. They make a lot of money this way. A psychic cannot remove bad or negative energy from you by a using a spell. They can only guide you to finding your way to ridding yourself of it and re-empowering yourself.

These are simple things to look out for. Also, be aware of gimmicks, threats on your life, or asking you to check in daily. These are all practices of phony psychics. Remember to remain open-minded, but also have common sense and healthy skepticism when going for your reading. You want to protect yourself from the phonies.

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