Can we really look into the future?

We have all heard of the fairground fortune tellers, the gypsy rose  looking into her crystal ball or reading your palm or even tea leaves. But just how mystical is looking into our future and do most of us do it naturally? We use intuition far more than we think, that six sense, a hunch or notion that comes in from nowhere a guides us in a different or better direction. But can we take it further, can we develop such a skill, can we train our minds to look into the future. Well a multi million dollar industry would say we can. Thousands of people every day use the services or psychic advisers or psychic readers. A recent survey actually showed that one in three adults over the age of 35 had in fact visited or consulted a psychic at some point in the lives.

There are numerous services on sale out there from tarot readings to astrology and clairvoyant readers and if you add in to the mix the more off the wall ones like Angel readings then the New Age is full of these types of services.

But going back to the original question of can we look into our own futures, we find an equally busy and growing industry of psychic development and psychic awareness courses and advisers willing to train us in the mystic arts. Now some would argue that its all a load of mumbo jumbo, that we really do believe exactly what we want to believe and all this industry is doing is relieving us of our hard earned cash. But you know around 150 years or so people were probably saying the same thing about flying to the moon or even travelling b air to another country and yet look at us now.

One thing is for sure, even if we do not accept that any of us are psychic, we certainly have to look at the idea that certain people are way more intuitive than others. Some people more than others have an almost in built gift or ability to intuitively knowing exactly what to do at exactly the right time.

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